Gluten Free Supermarket Shopping

May 28, 2010

23/365: Trolley wheels

Keeping your trolley free of gluten is not always the simplest of errands. Previously we’ve discussed Gluten Safe grains (see my previous article “Inside The Gluten Free Kitchen”) but supermarkets are a maze of gluten products. Use this article to help you make the right choices in the supermarket:


All fresh fruit is gluten free. Buy and enjoy whatever is in season. Fresh fruits are a great source of vitamins and nutrients.  Plain frozen, tinned and dried fruits will not contain gluten.


Juices are mostly gluten free. Classic flavours and mixes are fine.  However the latest craze is ‘Super Juices’ and these may contain gluten. These so-called ‘Super Juices’ often contain wheat and/or barley grass.

Vegetables and Salads:

As with fruit, fresh vegetables are gluten free. Just be careful of premixed vegetable or salad packs that come with sauce packets. The sauce packets will often contain gluten.

*Tip when buying pre-made salads, avoid salads made mostly of ice-berg lettuce. Iceberg has the fewest nutrients of all types of lettuce. The darker the lettuce the more nutritious value it has.

Tinned or frozen packets of plain vegetables will be gluten free but will be less nutritious.

Dairy Products:

Milk, cream, yoghurt, sour cream and cheese are naturally gluten free.  However, if you’re considering purchasing processed cheese or yoghurt that has added flavouring always check the label cautiously (as gluten might have been added).


Not only are eggs an amazing source of protein, they are also gluten free.

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