Gluten Free Party Tricks

April 28, 2010

Day One Hundred Twenty Nine

Celebrations and social get-togethers can be difficult for gluten free dieters. Delicious snacks, wholesome meals and enticing deserts make it hard to resist gluten.

Consider this your gluten free party plan:

1. Talk to your host.

Before the party, try talking to the host about your dietary concerns.  Make sure he/she understands you’re not trying to create more work for the cook. You just want to understand what dishes to avoid come the night of the party.

2. Volunteer to bring a dish.

By bringing your own gluten free food item, it allows you to eat something with complete confidence.

3. Snack ahead of time.

Depending on the type of social gathering, you may be able to eat dinner before you go. Filling your stomach before you get to the party will stop you from its gluten temptations.

4. Eat salad and vegetables.

Exercise some common gluten free sense. Think about what’s safe and what’s not. Salads should be fine (just watch out for croutons). As should plain vegetables. True, neither is likely going to be the most interesting food available, but they will be the safest.

5. Drink Well.

It’s a party, so you’re likely to have a drink or two. You can’t have beer, but wines, soft drinks and distilled spirits can all be consumed

6. Chip Bowl Protocol.

Chips are one of the most common party snacks. Simple is always safe.  Avoid chips with flavouring (unless you know they’re gluten free). Plain potato and corn chips will be safe.

7. Dessert.

You should avoid cake and biscuits  (unless you know for sure). Gelatin, fruit, sorbet and most ice creams will be fine.

8. And The Rest.

Crackers are a no-no, but cheese is fine.

Sandwiches should be left alone, however you can have sliced meats (ham, turkey, chicken etc).

Having celiac disease or wanting to exercise gluten free diet is not a party killer. As always just be careful. If you’re not sure, leave it.

Following the above tips will go a long way to ensuring you can celebrate and maintain your gluten free well-being.

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