Conditions Associated with Gluten Sensitivity – Microscopic Colitis

August 3, 2010

Microscopic Colitis

Collagenous Colitis, Trichrome StainOver the next few weeks I will be writing about other conditions that are associated with gluten sensitivity.

Colitis and Other Gastrointestinal Complaints are associated with gluten sensitivity – making it crucial to understand how to avoid this, in order to live a healthy life.
Colitis occurs when the colon is inflamed and usually causes chronic diarrhoea and cramping. This often develops from a variety of factors – one of which is gluten sensitivity. A common disease that can cause diarrhoea and cramping is microscopic colitis and is strongly linked to gluten sensitivity. Microscopic colitis is also often diagnosed as collagenous colitis.
Microscopic colitis relates to celiac disease as the damage done in the small intestine caused by celiac disease is almost identical to the damage done in the large intestine caused by microscopic colitis.

The difference between the two conditions is microscopic colitis is a secondary gluten sensitive condition – i.e. it may develop from something other than gluten sensitivity. For example microscopic colitis often develops from an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the colon, then once it has developed the immune system reacts to the gluten – making the situation far worse.

Therefore, the best solution to this is to implement a gluten free diet, while also taking supplements to correct the imbalance of bad bacteria.

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