Celiac Disease – Where can I discuss it?

February 13, 2009

Coeliac Awareness is increasing everyday.

However there’s still too much to be done to raise the public profile of celiac coeliac disease.

Members of the public can be justifiably confused by the mass of information found in all forms of the media regarding Celiac Coeliac Disease and the effects of a gluten Free Diet on its health.

Over the past few years we have seen reports on more accurate prevalence figures of coeliac disease in Australia being 1 in 100;

  • we have seen developments in the area of research into vaccines and cures;
  • a greater understanding of the safe inclusion of wheat-derived ingredients;
  • changes in food labeling laws that have led to the clearer identification of allergens on packaged foods;
  • increased awareness of associated conditions and
  • increased understanding of the role of blood test in screening and diagnosis of celiac coeliac disease.

Also increasing is an understanding of the way in which people with celiac coeliac dises now present their day-by-day problems.

You can now find online forums and discussion groups where you can ask your questions, share tips and stories, exchange ideas, or simply offer an opinion.

You probaby will hear back from like-minded people within hours.

Keep in mind that the accuracy of the information you get will vary.

Evaluate recommendations carefully, particularly concerning whether a product is Gluten Free or the information is reliable.

Important to note is you can find Celiacs relating their problems and ideas.

Below you can find some of the forums:

Celiac Disease and Gluten-Free Forumhttp://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/

The Gluten-Free Forum is one of the oldest, largest and most heavily used forums related to celiac disease.

Currently more than 26,000 members share their experiences and opinions into near 30 sections.

Their members have made a total of 474,809 posts to date.

GlutenFree.com Forumhttp://forums.glutenfree.com/

A total of 54109 articles, with 3359 registered users, glutenfree.com is full of advice and histories of celiacs and gluten free resources.

Their discussion about Manufacturers & Products is rich. Open to discuss favorite products from users. What products are questionable? What products are safe?

Topix Messgae Boardhttp://www.topix.com/forum/health/celiac-disease

Is more a Message Board then a forum. Users place news from different sources and other users comment and judge the comments.

It’s the Digg for Celiacs.

Celiac Listserv Forumhttp://listserv.icors.org/scripts/wa-icors.exe?A0=celiac

Users post questions, and other users post answers.

It’s a little bit confusing at the first sight, however after you’ve understand the website you’ll realize i9t’s worth the effort.

It works as a mailing list in oppose to the normal forum format.

Hope this is useful for you!

My best

Paul Smith


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