Lifelong Asthma, A Thing Of The Past?

December 21, 2009

Joan reported that she has had severe asthma her entire life. “My memories of childhood were the loneliness of being awake in the night with asthma, unable to lie down because that made it worse, unable to sleep and not wanting to call my parents because there was little they could do.”

She had asked her doctor to test her for food allergies, but the doctor declined, saying that since she was allergic to so many things, it would not make a difference to eliminate certain foods.

She took matters into her own hands. She went gluten free 16 months ago because of neurological symptoms and recognising the health effects of gluten free diets. But the unexpected result was that her asthmatic symptoms disappeared. She has been without symptoms – or asthma medication – for more than a year, even during spring and autumn, when pollen is significant.

This lady writes, “My theory is that there is a cumulative effect on your body. My gluten intolerance was stressing my body – causing a heightened response to all allergens. Once the stress was removed, the other allergens have not been able to trigger the allergic reaction.”

Is her theory right? Does it matter? What does matter is that because of her gluten free diet, she now leads a normal life. No more asthma.

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