Help for food allergy sufferers – GF health link guide

June 30, 2009

People with life-threatening allergies are advised to carry an adreline (Epipen) injection, wear a medic alert bracelet and have an anaphylaxis action plan.

This is downloadable from the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy at

Anaphylaxis Australia provides a lot of useful information on their website, from food recalls and alerts to tips on living with anaphylaxis.

The website also contains a kid’s corner with cartoon characters each suffering from a different food allergy.

Each character tells their story in a child-friendly way, and there are handy hints for parents as well. has an excellent food allergy resource, including guides on how to shop for and store food.

It also has a useful guide for teachers who have a child with food allergies in their class.

It will help them understand what a food allergy is, what they should do if the child has a reaction and how they can keep the classroom a safe environment.

Shopping can be a problem for people with food allergies.

The website of the Royal Prince Albert Allergy Unit has a downloadable shopping list which has been developed specifically for children with nut, egg and milk allergies.

It lists many products that are nut, egg and milk-free. It should make shopping a lot easier!

Useful Websites;


Paul Smith

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