Do I have Allergy or Intolerance?

August 7, 2009

christmas cakeIn my many years in this industry I have often listened to people’s health problems and symptoms and how they have responded to traditional medical intervention.

If I suggest they may be gluten sensitive, their response to me is often, “Does this mean I have an allergy?”

The answer is “No!”

Gluten sensitivity is not an allergy. It is a food intolerance. Allergies and intolerance are both reactions by your immune system, but those reactions are completely different.

It’s important for you to understand the difference between an allergy and an intolerance, because understanding is critical to accepting and subsequently dealing with it.

Although many people think they have a food allergy, they actually have food immune reactivity ( FIR ), or food intolerance, which is a delayed reaction from eating some foods or ingredients. Common types of FIR occur from eating gluten in wheat, barley and rye; dairy products; nightshades ( tomato, potato, aubergine, tobacco and peppers ); and soya products.

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