Cure worse than the problem – Gluten and skin diseases 3

May 19, 2009

David began to develop tiny water blisters, which burst and left scabs.

Because he had been working long hours in a stressful job, his family doctor initially diagnosed stress related psoriasis.

The condition did not clear up.

For 18 years, David endured the problem, with only periodic, short-term relief.

One doctor prescribed a corticosteroid cream. This, however, was a case of the cure possibly being worse than the problem.

As has been proved, corticosteroid cream can have harsh side effects if used long term on large areas of the skin, especially on raw skin and in skin folds.

The particular cream David used, Fucibet, can cause the adrenal glands to decrease the production of natural hormones and also cause the skin to thin. After using the cream daily for 2 years, he began to experience side effects, including sore eyes and dry skin on his cheek bones.

David finally found a new doctor who correctly diagnosed the problem as DH caused by gluten sensitivity.

A gluten-free diet cured his 18-year condition.

DH can be cured. For immediate relief, doctors may prescribe drugs

- Dapsone, sulphapyridine or sulphamethoxypyridazine. All of these drugs are actually antimicrobials that were developed in the 1930s and 1940s. It is not understood exactly how they work on DH, but they act as agents to address the skin condition. Although the drugs control the rash within days, DH returns quickly when the drugs are discontinued.

In other words, these drugs are used to produce immediate relief from itching but do not cure the condition.

The cure for DH, like any other gluten sensitivity, is a gluten-free diet.

When the individuals mentioned in the previous cases went on a gluten-free diet, their DH disappered.

Best Regards

Paul Smith

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